Top Landscaping Inspiration in the Bay Area

Here are some great landscaping inspiration ideas around the bay area

Have you been pondering a makeover for your yard recently? Or maybe you have been thinking of it for quite some time but just can’t get any inspiration? In the bay area, there are some fantastic gardens from which you can draw your ideas for redoing your yard.

  1. Filoli

    Just thirty miles from the bustle of San Francisco is a gorgeous site known as Filoli. This estate covers 654 acres all together, with 16 acres dedicated exclusively to an English Renaissance garden. Filoli is a place out of time, one of the last large-scale estates built in the twentieth century still in its original condition. Filoli boasts wide sweeping lawns, olive orchards, vineyards, fountains, pools, and dozens of varieties of different flowers. A veritable riot of color explodes around every corner in Filoli’s expansive gardens, holding constant surprise for the eye. There are also many different organized hikes or walks upon which you may embark. These hikes may feature different types of wildlife, an historic overview of the property, or a stroll through the orchards where you can pluck fruit straight from the trees.

  1. San Francisco Botanical Garden

    This garden is somewhat smaller than Filoli, covering about 55 acres of land inside of Golden Gate Park and houses more than 8,000 different types of plants. Thanks to the comfortable temperatures of the San Francisco area, the (in)famous bay area fog, and wet winters, the San Francisco Botanical Garden is able to support all of these thousands of different plants from all over the world. Take a stroll through the Andean Cloud Forest and Chilean Garden within the Botanical Garden’s 55 acres. Thanks again to the unique climate and weather of the bay area, the Andean Cloud Forest is able to showcase a variety of stunning plants from high up in the Chilean mountain ranges. Experience just a taste of South America without ever having to leave California.

  1. University of California Berkeley Botanical Garden

    Located just 45 minutes from San Francisco proper, UC Berkeley has a gorgeous garden established in the late 1800s. The smallest of these three gardens, the UC Berkeley Botanical Garden covers only 34 acres, but the university boasts plants from six different continents and is comprised of more than 10,000 different species. Come take a walk through this historic, lush garden which just celebrated its 125th year last summer. You will be certain to find a plethora of inspiration for your next landscaping project.

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