Do You Lack the Funds to Renovate and Sell Your Home? We Can Help!

Dated Kitchen

Before Our Team Went To Work!

That house you are living in has been your home for the last 40 years. In that time, you’ve raised a family, made holiday memories and saw grandchildren come running through the front door. Now you think that it’s time to move on and start the retirement chapter of your life. You’ve met with a few real estate agents, and they all tell you the same thing, your home needs a substantial amount of renovation if you are going to see a profit from the sale.

As you look around, you agree that there is work to be done. However, at this point in your life, you just don’t have the funds available to finance a renovation project. Even if you did have the money, you don’t know what it takes to complete a home renovation project. You worry that a contractor may benefit from the situation by charging you twice as much as the project should cost.

Unbelievable! Opened up the space with a brand new kitchen with new appliances installed shortly after this picture.

After Our Team Finished. Amazing!

Instead of completing the renovations, you have two options available at the moment. You can sell the home to a wholesale buyer who will attach the cost of acquisition and other relevant expenses to the sales offer. You will see a lower return on your equity as a result. The second option is to engage in an ‘as is’ sale with a cash buyer. In this situation, the buyer will make an offer that is 10 to 15 percent less than the reasonable asking price on your home. Neither option can provide you with a positive financial result that we can offer.

Think for a moment about an option that our company can provide. We come to your home and conduct an inspection so we have an idea of the exact amount of renovation work your home needs. Once the inspection is complete, we meet with you to review the inspection and provide you with all the information you may require. We then discuss the different options that you have available and show you the massive benefit our rehab solution offers versus all others.

You will hear about our NO cost rehab solution and how it stands to provide you with a substantial amount of your equity without requiring any out-of-pocket expenses from you. Working with local contractors in your area, we fully finance the renovation project and put you in a position to receive top market value for your home in the sales process.

Through our program, homeowners see tens of thousands more in profit than with many other options. If you’re in a “fixer upper” or “dated house” situation there is no need for stress; with our proven solutions it brings you one step closer to that retirement dream.

Our Rehab Solution

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