Five Inexpensive Curb Appeal Ideas

Here are five inexpensive curb appeal ideas for your next DIY project

People in the market for a new home in Silicon and Central Valley can sit back, relax, and view on the internet every property that’s for sale. They narrow it down by price range, desired neighborhood, and how many bedrooms and bathrooms they would like to have.

According to the National Association of Realtors, 63 percent of potential buyers will drive by a property after viewing it online. If your house is for sale, and someone’s interest has been piqued online, what will they see when they slowly drive down your street and zero in on your property?

Quite often, buyers are disappointed because what they view as being their dream home online, in reality, turns into a huge disappointment when they see it face-to-facade. First impressions are everything. Since they can’t see the interior during their impromptu drive-by, house hunters can only go by what they see from the street. It’s called “curb appeal” and it can get a potential buyer even more interested in your property or have them speed up and drive away never to come by again.

If you want to ensure that your house has that “We’ve got to seriously consider this one” vibe to a prospective buyer, here are five inexpensive ideas to enhance its curb appeal:

  1. A Coat of Paint

You don’t have to repaint the entire exterior. Just pretend you are looking to buy your house and walk around the property. See that unattractive electrical box, the piping, or any wiring that sticks out like a bandaged thumb? Paint them the same color as your house. Now they blend in and you hardly notice them at all. Same thing with your front door – Paint it. How about red? Or yellow? Or, at the very least, scrub it clean.

  1. Windows

You’ll be awestruck with how awesome your boring windows will become by adding window boxes filled with colorful flowers or plants. They will make the windows seem larger as well. And don’t forget to scrub down the screens.

  1. House Numbers

When potential buyers drive down your street looking for your address, knock their socks off with decorative, highly visible house numbers that say “Welcome Home.”

  1. Mailbox

The closest thing you own to the home buyers in their car is your mailbox right there at the curb. Clean it, get the dents out, or just buy a new one.

  1. Solar Lights

Many potential buyers will come to see your house after dark.  Buy some inexpensive solar floodlights to emphasize your trees, shrubbery, and plantings. Your yard will look amazing and there’s no cost to your electric bill.

When you want to put your house’s best look forward, there is no need for a total home makeover when simple fixes can boost chances that your property will catch a buyer’s eye and have them calling for an appointment to come inside. Curb appeal matters in the Silicon and Central Valley, and it can be a decisive factor for someone looking to buy a home just like yours.

David Ray

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