Convert Your Patio to Drip Irrigation



With California facing its worst drought on record, water-wise gardening is now more important than ever. A surprisingly easy way to conserve water and save your garden is to install your own drip irrigation system. (Also, you can then tell your friends and family that you installed your own drip irrigation system, which sounds pretty impressive.)

There are many reasons why drip irrigation is a worthy investment. First – plain and simple – it will save water. By optimizing the water volume per plant, drip irrigation helps your plants get just what they need. And by automating the watering of your patio garden you will save both time and water, and that means money. Who wants to come home from vacation to dead plants? Drip irrigation to the rescue!

Consult with a nursery or garden center professional about the best drip irrigation configuration to meet your needs.

For a little extra inspiration (and some concrete instructions!), watch the video and then dig into your own project!








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